The Curry Anadromous Fishermen work in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to provide local area schools with insulated aquariums, and fertilized salmon eggs. Students care for the eggs while they hatch and develop. In this way they learn about the salmon and the salmons’ life cycle. Members of the CAF regularly visit the aquariums to replenish the water and answer questions. When the eggs have hatched and progressed to the fry stage, the children take a field trip to a local stream and release “their” fish. Students come away from the experience with a greater appreciation for the resource and a stewardship ethic toward the salmon and local streams.

     Later in the year, a mature salmon will be brought into the classroom for dissection and biological identification. Students learn how the organs function to help the fish adapt to varying conditions throughout the fishes life cycle. Students also gain an understanding of the unique role that these fish play in the ecosystem as well.

     Free guided tours of the Indian Creek Hatchery are offered at 9 AM daily during the summer months. The tours start (middle of May through Labor Day).. People wishing a tour should meet at Indian Creek RV Park prior to coming to the hatchery. Call 247-7704 for directions.

     During June, there is a free fishing weekend at Libby Pond hosted by the Gold Beach Rod and Gun Club. On Saturday, there is a fishing derby for children sponsored by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Members of Curry Anadromous Fishermen are on hand to help monitor the fishing activities, provide fishing instructions and assist in measuring the days catch. Generous prizes donated by local merchants are awarded to the winners in each of three age groups.