Welcome new President Aaron Duncan.  

It is very important that fishermen turn in their salmon snouts.  It is the only way we can determine the success of our hatchery.  Snouts can be dropped off at the ODFW cleaning station at the Port of Gold Beach.

We could use a few more people to hand feed.

For 2019, we had 89,000 eggs.

For 2020, we have 82,000 viable eggs.

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If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a member with Curry Anadromus Fishermen (CAF) at the Indian Creek Hatchery, please contact Tom Spani @ 541-660-9229 or

To update your email please call Tom Spani @ 541-660-9229 or send to

Don’t forget to save your McKay receipts. It is an easy way to add money to feed our babies. You can turn the receipts in at the hatchery, Jots, or The Indian Creek Café. Each location has a donation jar.

Ray’s Market Receipts-We need more members to enroll in the All Access Program or they will discontinue our donations. Members can enroll at the store.

Here two new ways to help the hatchery through donations.

Fred Meyer - Link your Rewards Card to the hatchery at

Amazon Smile - On your first visit to, you need to select a charitable organization to receive the donations from eligible purchases before you begin shopping. Search for curry Ananromous Fishermen


April will begin snout collection. John had a kiosk built. CAF would encourage surveyor staff to turn in the snouts. Involve Lex’s, Jot’s, the Port of Gold Beach and Rogue Outdoor Store.



Second Thursday of the Month, 10:00 AM General Meeting at Jots Resort, West conference room and is open to the public.  Please come join us!

Cancelled until further notice


First Thursday of the Month, 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM Board Meeting at ODFW Building.

Cancelled until further notice



By John Weber on 3/5/2020

In an effort to understand fishery contribution and improve hatchery performance, the Curry

Anadromous Fishermen (CAF) will be sponsoring a coded wire tag (CWT) snout collection effort.

The group will have stations located at key fish cleaning areas and boat landings. The stations will have baggies and a place for volunteers to donate snouts from fish they caught that are missing the adipose fin. Also, there will be a small ticket to fill out for use in a raffle for some nice prizes. There will be two separate raffle drawings. One or Spring Chinook season, and a separate drawing for Indian Creek fish in the fall.

For more information on this, go to The Riffle section of this website.  Click on 2020 and then download the March April Riffle

You can be a Sponsor for just $72 a year.


CAF General Meeting minutes 2-13-2020

Board members attending: Aaron Duncan, Joe Janowicz, Roger Lindquist, Barbara Spani, Jack Sheehan, Gene Trinkler, Gary Underhill and David Sophusson

John Weber gave presentation on Snout tagging.

Reasons to do snout tagging, Eval Hatchery performance, Survival numbers of fish, Release strategy, performance in fisheries, tells us how the fish do in the ocean, fresh water harvest, track our returns.

Currently we are not getting results for good data. John would like the CAF to get involved in this program. CAF would finance the prizes used for incentive to participate in the program.

April will begin snout collection. John had a kiosk built. CAF would encourage surveyor staff to turn in the snouts. Involve Lex’s, Jot’s, the Port of Gold Beach and Rogue Outdoor Store.

John says Ocean productivity is down, and the potential for a La Nina in the spring is good.

South Coast Fishermen have been actively participating in this program; here are some of their numbers.

Chetco Snout recovery in 2010 thru 2014   = 313

Ferry Creek recovery in 2010 thru 2014 = 568

Every year Ferry Creek release out performs the main stem releases.

CAF needs to help in collecting snouts, training anglers how to collect snouts, running raffle, and reading snouts.

Netting could increase snouts at Indian Creek.

There was some discussion on the fact that we do not tag everything. And how to run the raffle.

It was decided that as long as they turn in a snout they are in the raffle. If you turn in a snout you made the effort, you should be in the raffle.

Reels fish days are 4/14/2020, 4/16/2020, 4/21/2020, 4/23/2020

Barbara Spani gave Treasurers report, see attached. December we took in $1395.75 in donations and such, we spent $4688.31. for a loss of #3202.56

Roger reported on painting the brood tank, Roger reviewed the particulars with the group. Dave Barnes feels it is doomed to failure. Because of slide groove metal areas.

Gary’s report

We should have 82,000 viable eggs. Ponding 1st group of fish into raceway 1 2-14-2020.

Gary said hand feeding begins Saturday.

Be careful, decks can be slippery, Gary did sand. New pressure washer works great, the old one can be lent out, just contact Gary.

Aaron talked about the winch project.

Salmon Derby dates are 7-30. 7-31 and 8-1-2020.

John Weber and Dave Barnes talked about the Conservation Management Plan on the Native fish issues.

There is a meeting at the Library in February 26th at 9 a.m. at the Curry Public Library. All who can attend please do. Let’s wear our hats to show who we are and what we represent.

Roger talked about fundraising efforts available to us, McKays, Rays, Fred Meyer and Amazon Smile programs. He said he is having an article printed in the Riffle to explain them and how they work.

Mary Duncan has volunteered to do the Riffle 4 times a year, IF SHE DOES NOT HAVE TO RUN DOWN THE CONTENT.

Events coming up are Libby Pond, Resource day, and scholarship give a way.  

For Volunteer Opportunities, go to the Volunteer tab.