Annual Appreciation Dinner: December 8 at 6:00 PM, at Bear's Bar and Grill located at Honey Bear By The Sea RV Resort in Ophir Oregon, 34161 Ophir Road

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If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a member with Curry Anadromus Fishermen (CAF) at the Indian Creek Hatchery, please contact Tom Spani @ 541-660-9229 or

To update your email please call Tom Spani @ 541-660-9229 or send to

Don’t forget to save your McKay receipts. It is an easy way to add money to feed our babies. You can turn the receipts in at the hatchery, Jots, or The Indian Creek Café. Each location has a donation jar.

Ray’s Market Receipts-We need more members to enroll in the All Access Program or they will discontinue our donations. Members can enroll at the store.

Gold Beach High School fish rearing project-The 4 year program will begin this fall using Indian Creek Hatchery eggs that will be gathered, fertilized, fed and released under CAF’s propagation plan. ODFW will monitor the project.


Second Thursday of the Month, 10:00 AM General Meeting at Jots Resort, West conference room and is open to the public.  Please come join us!

December 13

January 11

February 7

First Thursday of the Month, 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM Board Meeting at ODFW Building.

December 6

January 3

February 14


You can be a Sponsor for just $72 a year.


 Economic Value of Rogue River Salmon

For Volunteer Opportunities, go to the Volunteer tab.

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