CAF General Meeting minutes February 13, 2020

J. Aaron Duncan called the meeting to order. Barbara Spani, Treasurer, gave Treasurer’s report. The report was approved. Gary Underhill reported on the Hatchery as follows:
• Emergency pump outside has problems
• Vault needs work
• Obtain lift/crane for brood tank (large enough to lift person out of tank) – Dave Sophusson to bring research already done to next meeting
• Pipe leak on main line
• Brood tank projects – painting, composite wall? Roger Lindquist will research
Meeting adjourned

Snout Retrieval Program August 12, 2020
Thank you Roger Lindquist for making two collection boxes. There will be kiosks/boxes at Jots, Outdoor Store, Lex’s and the Gold Beach Harbor. Target installment date - August 31, 2020 Tom is to send out email asking for volunteers to pick up snouts from the boxes to be taken to the Hatchery and put into the freezer in the office. Roger will be in charge of the wand to check the snouts from the collection boxes. All snouts are entered in the drawing. Outdoor Store is donating the rods and reels for the raffle. Roger is going to talk to Fisherman Direct about collecting snouts on the fish they process.

CAF General Meeting  July 9, 2020
There were twelve people in attendance at the meeting. Barbara made the opening statement and gave a financial report. A 6-month CD is to mature in December 2020. Gary reported on the hatchery. Fish are eating good. Work parties have been suspended due to COVID. Filter lids are to be put on by hand rather than with a wrench. There was discussion regarding the derby for 2020 which was cancelled due to COVID. There was discussion regarding a survey boat to check on future dredging of the river. Water level will be a deciding factor.
Happy Birthday, Gene Trinkler!!
Meeting adjourned.

2019 Scholarship Recipients
Layne Converse - Pacific High School
Layne will be attending Arizona State University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He had a 4.00 GPA - ranked number one in his class. Layne has enjoyed the beautiful marine/fresh water ecosystems here on the Southern Oregon Coast and has volunteered to test water quality as part of the Blue Water Task Force, maintaining natural habitats as part of the Oregon Stewardship program.

Danny Hawthorne – Gold Beach High School
Danny will be attending Southern Oregon Community College, majoring in Biology. He had a GPA of 3.91 while taking Honor’s lever courses. Danny’s essay about Curry County and the impact of the salmon population was all about how salmon and salmon fishing affect not just the sportsman but also the stores, hotels, and most all local businesses.

Nevaeh Meyer - Brookings High School
Nevaeh will be attending Whitworth University., majoring in Music Education. She had a 3.75 GPA, including several college level courses taken. Nevaeh is keenly aware of the fish population and how it affects our everyday life here in Curry County, believing that that without hatcheries the salmon runs would not be as strong and the salmon population would be put in danger.